onsdag 31. desember 2008

It is snowing! Yes!


tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Letters to write

Time to write all the letters which I did not write before Christmas.

mandag 29. desember 2008

Body Shop

Pleasure shopping (is that a word?) at Body Shop.

søndag 28. desember 2008

Our street

The snow is icy, the road slippery.

lørdag 27. desember 2008

Low winter sun

fredag 26. desember 2008

Ducks near Granåsen

Ducks in the small pond near Granåsen Nordic Skiing Arena

torsdag 25. desember 2008

God jul. Merry Christmas.

A candle on the Christmas Tree.

søndag 7. desember 2008

fredag 7. november 2008

Good bye India

I am flying back home to Europe and Norway

torsdag 6. november 2008

Royal Orchid Metropolitan

Hotel employees.

onsdag 5. november 2008


Still in South India

tirsdag 4. november 2008


mandag 3. november 2008

Krack-a-dawna farm

Two hours south of Mysore

søndag 2. november 2008

The Green Market

The Green Market is an organic Sunday market in Mysore. I bought handmade paper.

lørdag 1. november 2008

Brandipur National Park

Ready for a safari in South India

fredag 31. oktober 2008

Mysore Zoo

torsdag 30. oktober 2008

onsdag 29. oktober 2008

Australian Bottle Brush

From Carolyn's garden

tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

Brindavan Gardens

Girls in colourful saris in Brindavan Gardens

mandag 27. oktober 2008

Stone Elephant

Keshave Temple in Somnathpur

søndag 26. oktober 2008

Mysore University

lørdag 25. oktober 2008

A farm outside Mysore

Invited for lunch with Muthu and Sashi

fredag 24. oktober 2008

Indian silk

Second day in a row at the silk store.

torsdag 23. oktober 2008

Mysore children

Children outside St.Philemona cathedral in Mysore, India

onsdag 22. oktober 2008

The Parpia's house, Mysore, India

A quiet day with reading, writing and drawing.

tirsdag 21. oktober 2008


Sultan Tipu's Summer Palace, the Daria Daulat Bagh

mandag 20. oktober 2008

Cauvery Art and Craft Emporium

A wonderful place for shopping art from the area

søndag 19. oktober 2008

Maharaja's Palace in Mysore, India

My driver Winnie and his wife Haima outside the enlighted temple.

lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Indian breakfast time

My friend Carolyn eating breakfast, somewhere between Bangalore and Mysore

fredag 17. oktober 2008

On my way to India

I didn't take any photos during my day of travels, so this is from "my Indian garden"

torsdag 16. oktober 2008

And here they are.......

The President of Ireland and her husband,
the King and Queen of Norway.

onsdag 15. oktober 2008

Sweeping the city

A king, a queen, a president and her husband will visit Trondheim tomorrow. They will not be allowed to dance on autumn leaves.

tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

mandag 13. oktober 2008

Morning in town

The first red light of the morning, near Nidelven river

Morning in town

The first red light of the morning, near Nidelven river

søndag 12. oktober 2008

Then the storm came

Yesterday's Indian Summer changed overnight to cold, wet and stormy autumn.

lørdag 11. oktober 2008

Breakfast at cabin

Late autumn can still be beautiful and mild

fredag 10. oktober 2008

Autumn Friday

Starting in Blue Garden, ending at cabin

torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Books about India

Part of my collaction of books from and about India

onsdag 8. oktober 2008

Ringve Museum

tirsdag 7. oktober 2008

Japanese Maple

Red is beautiful in The Blue Garden

mandag 6. oktober 2008


Soon to be moved into the basement for the winter

søndag 5. oktober 2008

The first snow.......

The very first snowflakes fall this morning. They melted at once, but made us busy emptying flower pots.

lørdag 4. oktober 2008

Apple season

Nothing tastes as good as the Norwegian apples.

fredag 3. oktober 2008

Small planes fly low

Leaving Rørvik, heading for Trondheim, 35 min south.

torsdag 2. oktober 2008


The sun shines on this small wooden house in Rørvik, Nord-Trøndelag

onsdag 1. oktober 2008

Værnes church

Close to Trondheim Airport

tirsdag 30. september 2008

Autumn in The Blue Garden

Nature is getting ready for a long sleep.

University of Trondheim, main building.

The autumn colours are sparkling, and I walk as much as possible

mandag 29. september 2008

Home, sweet home

Back home to cooking and dishes.