mandag 31. mars 2008

søndag 30. mars 2008

Sunday in Roma

lørdag 29. mars 2008

Appia Antica

A dream came through. An afternoon walk along the Appian Way.

fredag 28. mars 2008


torsdag 27. mars 2008

Mercato Marina in Terracina

The fruitstalls which I visit almost every day when I am in Terracina.

onsdag 26. mars 2008

Appia Antica

Pines alongf the Appian Way north of Terracina.

tirsdag 25. mars 2008

Terracina Beach

Surviving on a rainy day.

mandag 24. mars 2008

Duomo in Terracina

The two dark windows in the house to the right are "ours".

søndag 23. mars 2008

Orange tree

Easter Sunday sightseeing to Sermoneta.

lørdag 22. mars 2008

Abbey of Fossanova

Just outside Terracina you find the Abbey of Fossanova. The cafe has 32 different types of hot chocolate :-)

fredag 21. mars 2008

Easter Parade in Sezze

In cold, pouring rain we spent Easter Friday night in the mountain village of Sezze, watching the annual Easter Parade

torsdag 20. mars 2008

Monte Circeo

Do I need words?

onsdag 19. mars 2008

Borghese Park

A daytrip to Roma. I had picnic in the Borghese Park with my parents.

tirsdag 18. mars 2008

Lemons, always lemons

In Terracina (south of Roma) I visit the vegetable market everyday.

mandag 17. mars 2008

Ready for Italy

Easter will be celebrated in Italy this year.

søndag 16. mars 2008

Palm Sunday

Altar piece in Kolstad church.

lørdag 15. mars 2008

A Sweet Call

In chocolate shop buying sweets for the week-end. No, I did not buy this one :-)

fredag 14. mars 2008

A Small Airport in Norway.

Tiny airport means tiny planes. Tiny travels are perfect for a nap though.

torsdag 13. mars 2008

Waiting All Winter

This bud and all her siblings has waited patiently all winter for spring.

onsdag 12. mars 2008

I Believe in Miracles

Small miracles can be seen every day now.

tirsdag 11. mars 2008

Drip, drip, drip

Snow is melting from the roof. Spring is on its way.